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Aim and Objective:

The aim is to enable all those interested in multiphysics to discuss and disseminate the most up-to-date research findings for purposes of product and process improvements. This will encompass:

  • maximisation of multiphysics dialogue across national borders at all levels,

  • collaboration between researchers, institutions, industry and governments,

  • development of curriculum for the higher education sectors worldwide.

The objective is to be recognised by all relevant agencies, as a society which promotes the integration of multi-disciplinary sciences and contributes to the future needs of scientific advancement.

Executive Board:

President Prof. M. Moatamedi Multiphysics, UK
Vice President (Europe) Prof. G. Boiger ZHAW, Switzerland
Vice President (Scandinavia) Assoc. Prof. H. Khawaja Multiphysics, Norway
Vice President (Asia) Prof. S. Itoh Okinawa College, Japan
Vice President (China) Prof. C. Wang Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Vice President (America) Prof. Y. W. Kwon Naval Postgraduate School, USA
Vice President (Australia) Prof. S. Wakes University of Otago, New Zealand
Secretary Dr. T. Rahulan University of Salford, UK
Treasurer Ms. L. Lei Multiphysics, UK
Administrator Mrs. E. Rahulan Multiphysics, UK