Multiphysics Student Award


MSA Chairman


Dr. Thurai Rahulan, University of Salford, UK

Chairman of Multiphysics Student Award Panel




The Multiphysics Student Award provides students with the opportunity to showcase their work within the Multiphysics domain. The students will need to attend the conference where their work will be judged by a panel of experts in the field of Multiphysics research. 

The students' work may be presented on any relevant subject encompassing a Multiphysics approach.

Participation is open to all full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing a degree in an engineering or scientific discipline.

The International Society of Multiphysics welcomes all students and encourages them to participate in this competition by submitting an Abstract of your proposed presentation and accompanying Paper. The winer will be selected based on submitted Abstract and Poster which will be presented to an audience of industry professionals, researchers and exhibitors in attendance.

The winning finalist, who will be selected and announced during the course of the conference, will be presented with a certificate; and the Winning Paper will be published in The International Journal of Multiphysics.

Please submit your STUDENT abstract using Online Submission on this website.


Winners of Past Multiphysics Student Awards:

P. Zdziebko, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland, Multiphysics approach for a pantograph-catenary system simulation

T. Li, Beijing Institute of Technology, China, Investigation on Multi-Medium Flows and Explosions by Finite Difference Moment of Fluid Method

D. Brunner, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, Towards Model Based Re-design of the Copper Electro-winning Process

U. Ali, University of Salford, UK, High-Lift Performance and Flow Control for Flying-Wing Unmanned Air Vehicle Configurations Using Leading Edge and Cross-Flow Slots

A. Pedersen, Narvik University College, Norway, Surface Hole Modeling using Blending Splines

M. Khan, University of Cambridge, UK, Investigation of Stratified Turbulent Flame in Gas Turbine Engines

H. Frid, Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), Sweden, Growth and Collapse of Microbubbles during the Initial Stages of Breakdown in Dielectric Liquids

P. Dongmei, The Hong Kong Polytech University, Hong Kong, Experimental and Numerical Study on a Sleeping Thermal Manikin in a Mixed Ventilation System Room

M. Shibuta, Kumamoto University, Japan, The Design of Rice Powder Production Vessel and the Pulverization of the Rice Using Numerical Simulation

H. Khawaja, University of Cambridge, UK, Finite Element Analysis of Human Femur