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Special Editions:

Explosion, Shock Wave, and High Strain Rate Phenomena
Prof. P. Chen (Beijing Institute of Technology, China) and Prof. K. Hokamoto (Kumamoto University, Japan)

Icing and Cold Technology
Assoc. Prof. H. Khawaja and Prof. M. Moatamedi (Arctic University, Norway)

Particle and FEM Methods for Fluid Structure Interaction
Prof. M. Souli (Lille University, France) and Dr. J. Wang (LSTC Livermore, USA)

Simulation of Pressure Vessels and Piping
Prof. A. Barbosa de Lima and Prof. A. Silva (Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil)

Two Phase Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications
Assoc. Prof. G. Polanco and Prof. F. Malpica (Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela)

Marine Applicaions of Composite Structres and Materials
Prof. Y. Kwon (US Naval Postgraduate School, USA) and Dr. Y. Rajapakse (US Office of Naval Research, USA)

Multiphysics Simulations - Advance Methods for Industrial Engineering
Selected Contribution from 1st Fraunhofer Multiphysics Conference ISBN 978-1-907132-36-0